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Dubble Dare Entertainment (LLC) © Copyright 2019

NEWS @DubbleDare

-October 30th, 2019

We Still Moven!

   What it Do yall!? Its Church back with another update we have been going through a shit storm but we still here, still maken moves!

   After Life was the shit! Shots out to Jimmy Donn, SicFux's, Ink Junkie Tattoos an everyone else involved that made this event as dope as it was! We are already on the bill for next years After Life Event next October, 2020, I believe its the 28th!

   We working on finishing up the RhymeSick and Dubble Dare Ep "Tied Up" so be looking for that coming soon!

    My and Junes 2020 Vision is a WIP and is coming along nicely we tryn ta hit our Jan 1st 2020 release date but idk if we finna make it still a lot of content being worked on including getting all the feat artist's we want on this project, locked in. We might push back release to Spring 2020, an have it ready ta push for Mid West Show Season, :) when the snows gown lol! But we will have some singles dropping for that LP soon for sure!

   There is a bunch of new merch coming, I don't want to give any spoilers so just wait its amazing!

   We looking at some new Artists also here at Dubble Dare but we gonna make sure they are the right fit for the team and we are working with a lot of artists right now to bring content that is truly unlike anything else out there and fitting our Vision! We are so excite to show yall but all good things come wit time :)

   That's bout it for this update Happy Halloween and as always much love to everyone who fucks wit us 100!

-September 14th, 2019

Fall Rap Up!

   What up yall?! Its Church back wit another update!

   Here in the Midwest the leaves are changing color and we all know that means fall is coming! So we are grinding hard on all our project to hit our completion dates that we have set. There is so much coming!

   First off we got the Mini-Movie, slash 2 Music videos done, thanks to Jimmy Donn! He said those will be live in about a week so be looking for that. An much love to everyone who came out to the video shoot!

   Feenix's CD is getn pushed back a cupple weeks so we can give yall the distribution release date and line that up with the physical copy's date! But Transformation is coming yall!

   We got 5 more tracks wit DocSuess of RhymeSick coming too for our EP wit RhymeSick. Both these 2 CD's will be released this Fall!

   We also got "2020 Vision" and "Dubble Up, Vol 1" coming! Im sitn on about 10 tracks for those CD's, that we are just polishing up and they will be released as singles, and the actual CD's will be being released Early 2020.

   We got a new Merch line coming thanks to Jimmy Donn for the Merch guy plug! We also working on getting custom Dubble Dare Leather Cuts!

   We also got a new track wit "Head PE", and Feenix!

   Also a little bit of some of the features we are currently working on! We have a track with "UnderRated" of PotLuck, called "Skittles"! Another track with "Liquid Assassin", called "Rep Yo City"! And we are working on bringing Statik G & BEZZ BELEIVE, and also doing a feature with them as well! All this coming soon yall!

   As for Official Videos we got more coming, been working on the B Roll for my track "Window Pain" so be looking for that soon as well!

   And lastly coming hang with us next Sat in St Cloud at the Red Carpet Bar where we will be head-lining yall! An after that you can come hang wit us at After Life Fest II in Oct!

   That bout rounds up this update yall! An as always much love to all yall who fuck wit us 100!

-August 27th, 2019

Official Videos!

   Whats good yall?! Its Church back wit another DD update!

   We been supper busy wit the baby's but still grind'n on this music!

   One big thing is we are finally starting on our production of our Official Videos for all of our songs! We at starting with my and Junes "Don't Come Round Here" and Feenix's "Be That Way"! both being done by Jimmy Donn of SicFux Ent! Much love to the Donn for this its finna be dope! So stay up wit us to see when the shoots are gonna be cause we finna want yall out there to be in the videos! I will post more when we get dates!

   We also got another show coming out in St Cloud MN and we are the headliners! More info on that can be found on our events page. An we also got After Life II Coming too, more info on that coming soon Both of these shows are Free! So all you need to do is come out and have a good time!

   As for new music we got so much coming, that so fire, you just gonna have to wait and see!

   Thats bout it for this update and as always much love to all yall who fuck wit us!



-August 10th, 2019

New Additions!

   What up yall, its Church back wit another DD update!

   First of all I gotta say, we had our baby! Baby "Hope", is here and is a week and a day old :)! But I ain't the only one wit a baby Big Ben Tattoo just had his shorty too, and Feenix has one on the way to! Congrats to all yall brothers!

   As for the normal news I have Added Big Ben Tattoos Artist Page and a new Track from him called "Dubbs Up" go and check that out on his page.

   I have also revamped our "Music" tab, now all of our singles can be found in one simple playlist. I did this preparing for our Albums that are coming Soon!

   Speaking of Albums, Ishmael The Feenix is almost done with his CD "The Transformation" so I made a Place holder CD Cover Image for it on the music tab as well as mine and June Wests CD "2020 Vision".  Feenixs CD will be out October 1st, 2019, and our CD will be out Jan 1st, 2020.

   Other DD Music News: we have a bunch of tracks we are working on for Ben and Hype I'll let yall know when they up and ready for DL. Plus; we got a total of 6 tracks we doing with RhymeSick, one track with Messn and DocSuess, and 5 others with DocSuess so be on the look out for those coming soon!

   As for Shows we got 2 booked that are coming up 1 on September 21st and the other is Afterlife Feast II which is October 26th. I will post more in future updates bout these once I get the flyers done.

   That bout raps it up for this update and as always much love to all yall who fuck wit us Lov, 100!

-July 17th, 2019


   What up yall! We back with another update!

   The Lil Wyte show was great thanks to all yall who showed up, and much love to the whole team for all their work to make everything come together like it did!

   As for new music coming from us we got a lot coming as stated in the last update. Ishmael the Feenix's CD, The Transformation, is coming Oct 1st, Me and June got our CD, 20 20 Vison, we working on. Me and June also got our solo CDs coming, and we working on a CD for Big Ben Tattoo, and we are also working on our, Dubble Up, Vol  1, Mixtape, and we also got our Gas or Trash, Song of the Week Winners, Mix Tape, we are thinking of calling "Gassed Up, Vol 1". So ya we got a grip of new stuff coming.

   As for Events, we got the Afterlife II, event coming Oct 26th, I'll be posting more info about that event in the next update.

   Thats bout it for this update, just a small one this time round to keep yall posted on what we do'n!

   An as always much love to all yall who mess wit us, love!

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